Tale of Treats: Halloween

tale of treats- bookish halloween treats


Halloween is so fun! Especially if you want to cook up something spooky and bookish. This year I made three things I’ve never tried before and they were all yummy: Evil Queen Black Sangria, Cinderella’s Sugar Mice, and Snow White’s Poisoned Apple.


Evil Queen Sangria

I actually got the idea for this while exploring Pinterest. It was originally posted by Sugar and Charm and I made no modifications to her recipe. Except maybe using a flavored brandy.


Cinderella’s Sugar Mice

This idea came from Harry Potter. I decided to make them Cinderella’s mice instead of a Hogwarts treat because that will be a whole video of its own. One I intend on making in the future and I’m very excited about it!


Snow White’s Poisoned Apple

Because obviously. The candy apple I made was again something I found on Pinterest. It was originally posted by Matt Bites and you have to go check out his post. They have red and black apples and they are so spooky and beautiful and perfect for Halloween.


Wanna see how I made these treats? Check out the video below! Let me know if you plan on trying any 🙂


Tale of Treats: A Fairytale Feast


I have wanted to start a feature called Tale of Treats on my blog for over a year! The only thing that stopped me was I wouldn’t be able to do it regularly. How silly! I’ve decided to go ahead and do it anyway, but this will be a sporadic feature.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I wanted to put a bookish spin on one of my favorite holidays. I cooked up a Cinderella Pumpkin Risotto, Kimber’s hot posset (which you may remember from the Faeriewalker series), and a seriously pretty Beauty and the Beast Apple Pie Rose.

I’ll leave links below to the original recipes, but I modified them all a bit. Some of the recipes just weren’t working quite right or needed a little something extra to enhance the flavor. Here’s my take on them:



Cinderella’s Pumpkin Risotto

I based this recipe off go Giada’s pumpkin and goat cheese risotto. I added in onion and garlic and left out the goat cheese and nutmeg. Also used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock and decided to serve it a pumpkin. Because Cinderella obviously needs a real pumpkin!


Kimber’s Hot Posset

This is the original recipe from an interview I did with Jenna Black a while back. & I didn’t really make any modifications in the video (just used agave instead of honey and vanilla almond milk instead of whole milk).


Beauty and the Beast Apple Pie Rose

I got this idea from Pinterest, but the recipe they had on there just didn’t work at all. YouTube helped me figure it out though. My recipe and process is actually very similar to the one I found in this YouTube video. The pie crust recipe I used is absolutely delicious! Highly recommend it if you’re up for making it yourself.


I hope you guys like this post! Making a cooking video is really tough – I have a whole new appreciation for everyone that does cooking videos on YouTube. If you recreate any of these, send me a link because I would love to see pictures! What are you’re favorite foods for Thanksgiving? Mine are pumpkin pie, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Can’t wait until next week 🙂