Fairytale Fashions: Book-Inspired Baby Clothes

My sister-in law owns an Etsy shop (LullaBabywear) and she has the cutest clothes! She created a few book-inspired pieces and I just love them!


If you’d like to get your hands on these cute clothes you can use the discount code “about2read” for 10% off a purchase of $15 or more.

Items shown:
Platform 9 3/4 onesie
It fits onesie
Grumpy pants
“One” dress
I’m the new muggle here

Fairytale Fashions: Book Candles

I’ve been spending more time on Instagram lately, and the one thing I just can’t get away from is Anthology Candles. They always look so lovely in pictures and I just adore the bookish twist!


The ones I’ve shown above are Belle’s Library, Tink’s Flight, Wizard’s Pub, and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Have you ever tried book inspired candles? I really want to, but my candle collection is already so large!

Fairytale Fashions: Alice Eyeshadow Palette

Alice has never been my favorite fairy tale character, but the story is just so whimsical that I tend to fall in love with Alice related merchandise. Remember these gorgeous pillows?

Since Alice Through the Looking Glass is coming out soon, Disney has partnered up with Urban Decay to create a beautiful new palette:


The colors are a bit too bold for me (I’m more of a neutrals girl), but I do like the packaging. What do you think?

Fairytale Fashions: Bookish Tea

I am a SacconeJolys fan. I just love watching their videos! So when I saw that Anna was trying out tea from Clipper, I had to see what flavors they had available. I’m kind of tea-obsessed if you didn’t know. 🙂

Clipper has a lot of interesting flavors available (I’d like to try one with fennel), but the one that sticks out to me the most is Snore & Peace. Partially because it reminds me of War and Peace and partially because it sounds yummy & relaxing.

Are you also a tea fan? If so, what’s your favorite and have you tried anything from Clipper before?

Fairytale Fashions: Blogging Day

Jenny: “I’m going to get you a present.”
Me: “Cool, what is it?”
Jenny: “I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise! I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at Francesca’s, and —”
Me: “Is it a coffee mug that says ‘Blogging Day’?!?!?!”
Jenny: “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!”
ME: “I bought it last week.”


Isn’t it pretty? I still need to wash it and start using it, but I couldn’t be more excited about this little purchase. Do you have any favorite mugs for when you’re blogging?

Fairytale Fashions: The Shirt I Want But Can’t Have

Fact: I. Love. Cinderella.
Fact: I need this shirt
Fact: I can’t have it ! 🙁

Why can’t I have it you ask? It’s sold out in my size! My soul is crushed.

The Run Like Its Midnight tank is actually one of the few items from Happily Ever Tees that isn’t completely sold out. They remind me of the Wildfox fairytale collection, but at a quarter of the cost. Here’s to hoping they come back in stock in soon! And for you Snow White fans out there, take a look at this (sold out) gem:

Love that one too! What do you think of the shirts? I hadn’t heard about Happily Ever Tees before, but I am seriously hoping they restock soon.