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About Blackmoore

Title: Blackmoore
Author: Julianne Donaldson
Page Count: 276
Genre: Regency Romance
Book Brand: A Proper Romance

Kate Worthington knows she can never have her heart’s desire and so believes she will never marry. But Kate’s meddlesome mother has other plans. Kate journeys to the stately manor of Blackmoore on the cliffs above the seashore, where she must face the truth and the man that has kept her heart captive.


Set in northern England, Blackmoore is a Regency romance that tells the story of a young woman struggling to learn to follow her heart. With hints of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, Blackmoore is a page-turning tale of romance, intrigue and devotion.





My Review

Blackmoore was perfect. I finished this about two weeks ago, and I still have a book hangover. I was so completely satisfied when I finished that I just didn’t want to take away from that feeling with something new. Blackmoore is filled with completely swoon worthy moments and is so emotional that I cried quite a bit. It also had a great set of characters that I won’t forget anytime soon. If you’re looking for a historical fiction with a Jane Austen feel and an unforgettable love story, Blackmoore is for you.


When we first meet Kate, we are just struck by how modern she is. She is a bit of a tomboy, very daring, and refuses to marry. Very different from your typical Regency era heroine, huh? There is of course much more to her story than meets the eye, and as the story unfolds we discover exactly why she has made these life choices.


Now as a proper romance, you know you’re going to get a good love story (especially since it was written by Juluanne Donaldson. Her novel, Edenbrooke, is one of my all time favorites). Henry and Kate were traumatically perfect. What do I mean by that? They broke my heart. Repeatedly. This is not an easy girl meets boy, they giggle and flirt, and live happily ever story. It’s messy, it’s complicated and, man, is it emotional!


There is so much I could say about Blackmoore and so much I loved, but I can’t say much more without taking away from the reading experience for others. This was literally a perfect read for me. If you’re looking for an amazing love story and you’re a historical fiction fan, you will be hard pressed to find a book that tops Blackmoore.



About Julianne Donaldson

0-1Julianne Donaldson grew up as the daughter of a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. She learned how to ski in the Italian Alps, visited East Berlin before the wall came down, and spent three years living next to a 500-year-old castle. After earning a degree in English, she turned her attention to writing about distant times and places. She lives in Utah with her husband and four children.

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