I like to believe life has a little bit of magic in it. And lots of romance! I’m always looking for magic smallsomething that has one or the other element to it — be it a book or a photo. Ideally I’m able to find something with both!

If you’re into that kind of thing too, we should be friends on Pinterest. I have an entire board dedicated to romantic images and one to magic, among many many others. Are you a Pinterest addict too?

Anyway, when I’m not reading books, I’m often spending time on the Internet in some form another. Whether it’s creating content for this blog or my YouTube channel, scrolling through Instagram, or discovering cool content on my favorite blogs, you can always find me with a book or electronic device in hand. My idea of hell is somewhere without Wi-Fi. I’m not joking . . .


I also love fashion and photography. I’d like to learn more about photography so that I can start taking really breathtaking photos of my own, but I think it’ll take a few years to master that. Can’t wait to get started though!camera small

I’m in my mid-twenties and happily married to the best person ever (seriously, my husband is absolutely wonderful). And I’m currently living in the suburbs of Denver, which is a bit more suburban than I’d like.

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