A Trip Through Lola and the Boy Next Door

I was in San Francisco for the first time last month and decided to tour the city with my husband using Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins!

Lola 1Lola 2

The first stop was the Mission district. Lola’s boyfriend Max lives in the Mission, so it’s mentioned a few times. One of their first dates in the book is to get burritos in this neighborhood, which is known for having the best burritos in San Francisco. I had one with a chile relleno in it!

Lola 3 Lola 4 Lola 5 Lola 6

After we finished up in the Mission, we walked over to the Castro district, where Lola lives. On the way we passed a whole lot of things with the name Dolores (Lola’s real name). Lola went on for an entire paragraph about all of the things that share her name. We saw Dolores St, Mission Dolores, and  Dolores Park.


Lola 7

After a very long walk, we finally made it to Castro Street – the street that Lola and Cricket live on. Now I don’t know where on this street they live, but I took a picture of the pretty Victorian houses. I imagine that Lola and Cricket’s houses are further apart than these are.


Lola 8 Lola 9

Later in the day we headed over to the Japanese Tea Garden – which was gorgeous! Lola and Max go here for a date right after Lola finds out Cricket and Calliope are moving back home. I ordered an iced green tea and kuzumochi – which was pretty good, but I wish I’d tried the green tea cheesecake.


Lola 10 Lola 11

On day 2, we did a few non-Lola things, but we did make it to Lombard Street – the crookedest street in America. Aside from being incredibly crooked, it was also really beautiful! This is where Lola, Cricket, and Andy drop off pies to a very wealthy (and rude) client. I can see why they were so stressed about those pies while driving down the street! It really is gorgeous though – just look at that view from the top!


Lola 12 Lola 13 Lola 14

On our last day, we trekked out of the city to Muir Woods. Lola and her family go on a picnic here and Cricket ends up tagging along – a fact which Lola strategically forgets to tell Max. We didn’t have a picnic of our own, but we walked along the trails and just enjoyed being in such a beautiful place.


I also made a vlog of the trip if you’re interested!

Do you have a book inspired travel list? I love traveling, and there are so many times when an awesome setting makes me want to book a tick to somewhere else.

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  1. This is so freaking AWESOME! I am totally linking to this post on my weekly wrap up! I love Lola and the Boy Next Door so much! I’m pretty sure I would be muscled up if I had to walk those hills often. Wowza!!

    1. Aw, thank you! That really means a lot to me. The hills were KILLER. I was so, so sore by the end of the weekend. If you lived there though, imagine how fit you would be! Kinda make me want to move, lol, and not just for exercise – it was a really cool city.

  2. This is so fun, I love this post. I feel like I just read the book again while looking through your pictures.
    I would love to tour Anna and the French Kiss 🙂

    1. Thanks! Omg, touring Anna is a dream of mine. I really, really hope I get to do it!

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  4. San Francisco is LOLA to me 😉 It’s such a cool place and I’ve had the pleasure of living very close by and visiting often. So glad you got to go there and visit those sites! And the pictures are stunning, feels like if I were there. I’ve yet to visit Muir Woods and the japanedse gardens though, they look awesome! *Sigh* Like Etienne, I left my heart at San Francisco.

    1. Lucky! I love California, so I’m a little jealous 😉 You should definitely check out Muir woods, it was gorgeous. Japanese Tea Garden was cool, but small.

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